Communication with Parents

We believe in active engagement with parents and families through various channels.

In order to to keep parents informed of activities and their child’s progress, we engage with our Parents and Families using various channels — printed media, electronic media, social media, and face-to-face communications.

Parents are also able to reach us via LittleLives Family App, email or Facebook messages.

Newsletters and notices are broadcast to parents from time-to-time through the LittleLives Family App to keep parents abreast of Enrichment Activities carried out in the centre.

We post pictures from our Enrichment Programme to our official Facebook page weekly. Parents are also able to receive updates of the portfolio pictures through the LittleLives Family App.

To protect the privacy of our children, we do not tag nor name individuals on our official Facebook page. We will also remove tags, names or images if requested to do so.